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How Do I Keep Mosquitoes Out of My Garden
How Do I Keep Mosquitoes Out of My Garden


How Do I Keep Mosquitoes Out of My Garden?

How to Keep Mosquitoes Out of the Garden

The mosquito is a small, fly-like insect that is best known for its irritating bite. Mosquitoes are found in tropical and subtropical regions around the world, and they can also be found in some temperate areas. Female mosquitoes feed on blood, which they need to produce eggs. Male mosquitoes do not bite humans or animals, but they do feed on nectar. So if you are wondering how do I keep mosquitos out of my garden? Here are some ways to keep mosquitoes out of your garden:

  • Get Rid of Standing Water and Keep Up With Your Lawn
  • Mosquito Netting
  • Use Mosquito-Repellent Plants
  • Mosquito Traps
  • Mosquito Coils
  • Use Insecticide Sprays or Traps
  • Use a Fogger
  • Use Essential Oils
  • Other Natural Mosquito Repellents
  • Call a Professional Pest Control Company

So, now that you have an idea of how to keep and get rid of mosquitoes out of your garden, let’s discuss why mosquitoes are attracted to gardens before we start examining each of these ways in detail below.

How Do I Keep Mosquitoes Out of My Garden

Why Mosquitos Like Gardens

There are a few reasons why mosquitoes might be attracted to gardens. First, gardens are typically full of standing water, which is a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes. As mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, so they are naturally drawn to areas where there is a potential for flooding or pooled water. Additionally, gardens often have lots of foliage and other hiding places for mosquitoes, making them feel safe and protected. Finally, gardens are usually located near homes, giving mosquitoes easy access to their next meal. This is due to gardens often being the home to a variety of insects, which mosquitos feed on.


There are a few plants that mosquitoes seem to be especially attracted to, and these can often be found in gardens. Some of the most common include:

  • Roses
  • Daisies
  • Lilies
  • Zinnias
  • Marigolds

These are just a few examples, so be sure to check for other plants that may be attracting mosquitoes to your garden. If you find any, consider removing them or taking steps to keep them from blooming.


When it comes to mosquito preferences, the temperature is a major factor. In general, mosquitoes prefer warm temperatures, and they are most active when the temperature is between 80 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. However, some species of mosquitoes can withstand colder temperatures, so it is important to be aware of the type of mosquito you are dealing with. In terms of gardens, the ideal temperature for mosquito activity is between 77 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Also humidity plays a role in mosquito preferences, as they are more likely to be found in areas with high humidity levels. This is why gardens tend to be another ideal environment for mosquitos to thrive, as they tend to be in humid places.

Time of Year

Mosquitoes are present in gardens throughout the year. However, they are most active during the warmer months of the year. This is when they lay their eggs and when the larvae develop into adults. During this time, mosquitoes are attracted to standing water, which is where they lay their eggs. They also feed on nectar and other sources of sugar.

For these reasons, it is not surprising that mosquitos are often found in gardens.

Tips for Keeping Mosquitoes Away

If you’re trying to keep mosquitoes out of your garden, there are a few things you can do.

1. Get Rid of Standing Water

First, you should try to remove any standing water from your garden, as this will eliminate a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes.  This can be done by draining any containers such as buckets or flower pots, and making sure that there is no stagnant water in your yard. This includes puddles, bird baths, and even pet bowls. Additionally, you can keep mosquito larvae from developing into adult mosquitoes by treating standing water with a larvicide.

The next key thing would be to keep your lawn trimmed and free of any debris, such as tall grass and weeds where mosquitoes could hide during the day. This is because mosquitoes like areas with lots of vegetation, as this provides them with shelter and places to hide. If you have a lot of vegetation in your garden, consider trimming it back to reduce the mosquito population.

2. Mosquito Netting

Third, use a mosquito net or screen to keep them out of your garden altogether. Mosquito nets can be placed over gardens to create a barrier that mosquitoes cannot penetrate. This is an especially effective method if you live in an area where there is a lot of mosquito activity. Also, if you have a pond or other body of water on your property, you should most definitely consider installing mosquito netting to keep the insects out.


mosquito net garden

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3. Use Mosquito-Repellent Plants

A great option is to plant certain varieties of plants that naturally repel mosquitoes in your garden. Some of the best plants for keeping mosquitoes at bay include citronella, catnip, lavender, and marigolds. These plants release a strong scent that mosquitoes find unpleasant, and they will stay away from areas where these plants are present.

Another great option to help with getting rid of standing water would be to plant drought resistant plants, as they will reduce the amount of humidity in your garden and thus the mosquitos too. If you decide to go with this method, it can be assisted by using a fan to help circulate the air.

4. Mosquito Traps

There are many different types of mosquito traps that can be used to help catch and kill mosquitoes. These traps work by luring mosquitoes into them with a sweet-smelling bait, and then they are either killed by a fan or electrocuted.


mosquito trap

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5. Mosquito Coils

While mosquito coils are made from a type of paper that has been soaked in mosquito repellent. When burned, they release a small amount of smoke that helps to keep mosquitoes away.

mosquito coil

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6. Use Insecticide Sprays or Traps

Also, you can try to reduce the number of insects in your garden by using insecticide sprays or traps. By taking these steps, you can help to keep your garden mosquito-free. Many different types of insecticide sprays can be used to help kill mosquitoes. Be sure to read the label carefully to make sure that it is safe to use around children and pets.

7. Use a Fogger

Another very useful option is using a fogger. So if you’re looking for a way to keep mosquitoes out of your garden, a fogger may be the answer. Foggers work by creating a dense fog that mosquitoes can’t penetrate. This makes them ideal for use in gardens, where there is often standing water or other areas that are conducive to mosquito breeding. In order to use a fogger, simply fill it with water and set it up in your garden. Then, turn it on and let it run for about an hour. The fog will dissipate after that time, but the mosquitoes will be gone.


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8. Use Essential Oils

Many different types of natural mosquito repellents can be used to help keep mosquitoes away. Some of the most popular options include essential oils such as lemon oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, and peppermint oil. When using any type of insect repellent, be sure to follow the directions carefully to ensure your safety. Also, be sure to keep any children or pets away from the area where you are using the repellent.

9. Other Natural Mosquito Repellents

Another popular option is to use citronella candles, as they contain citronella oil, and when they are lit, the candles release a small amount of smoke that helps to keep mosquitoes away.

Finally, you can try attracting mosquito-eating predators to your gardens, such as bats or dragonflies.


citronella oil candles

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10. Call a Professional Pest Control Company

If you have tried all of these things and you still cannot get rid of mosquitoes in the garden, then you may need to call a professional pest control company. They will be able to help you identify the problem and come up with a solution that will work for your specific situation.

With these tips, you can keep your garden free of mosquitoes so you can enjoy the outdoors all season long! Be sure to follow the instructions carefully when using these products, and always keep children and pets away from them. With a little effort, you can get rid of mosquitoes in your garden for good!

How Do I Keep Mosquitoes Out of My Garden

Last Resort

If you live in an area where there are a lot of mosquitoes, you may want to consider hiring a professional service. When you hire a professional mosquito control service, they will come to your house and spray your garden with a special mosquito repellent. This repellent will keep the mosquitoes away for a certain amount of time. The length of time will depend on the type of repellent that you use. Some repellents can last for up to eight hours, while others may only last for a couple of hours.

How to Pick the Right Mosquito Control Service

There are a few things you need to consider before hiring someone to get rid of mosquitoes in your garden.

1. You need to make sure that they are experienced and know what they’re doing.

2. Then you need to be sure that they will be able to get rid of all the mosquitos in your garden.

3. You need to be sure that they will be able to do it without harming any other insects or animals in your garden.

4. Then you need to be sure that they will be able to do it quickly and efficiently.

5. You need to be sure that they won’t charge you an arm and a leg for their services.

Now that you know what to look for in a mosquito control service, you can start searching for one. There are a few different ways you can search for a mosquito control service. You can either search online, on your local yellow pages, or you can ask around. Talk to your friends and neighbors and see if they know of any good services. If they don’t, you can always look online, as there are many different websites that list different mosquito control services.


So, there you have it! Everything you need to know about how to keep mosquitoes out of your garden. By following these simple tips, you can enjoy a mosquito-free summer. Have fun and happy gardening! Thanks for reading!

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