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Top Plants to Keep in Your House Year Round
Top Plants to Keep in Your House Year Round


Top 9 Plants to Keep In Your House Year Round

The Top Plants to Keep In Your House Year-Round

If you’re like me then your friends may call you that crazy plant lady. And I actually take a lot of pride in that! I have at least two plants in every room of my house, and I love taking care of them and sitting near them as I relax or read my Bible. Once I realized that not every plant is hard to keep alive and dependent on perfect sunny weather- it totally changed my life! Because I am a plant lover but also pretty busy with working and being a parent to two kids, I need plants that are low-maintenance, can thrive in a variety of lighting, and are visually interesting! So if you have been wanting to grow your plant collection, and would like to know what the top plants to keep in your house year round are, I’m going to share with you my favorite plants to get you started!

I have somehow managed to narrow it down to my top 9 plants to keep in your house year-round which are:

  1. Fiddle Leaf Fig
  2. Snake Plant
  3. Money Tree
  4. Succulents (including Aloe Vera)
  5. Rubber Plant
  6. Spider Plant
  7. String Of Pearls
  8. ZZ Plant
  9. Ponytail Palm

All of these plants I listed are super hard to kill even if you’re a total plant newbie. Also, I love that each one can keep your house looking fresh! If you want to learn more about each of these plants, how to take care of them, and where to put them in your house then keep reading!

Top Plants to Keep in Your House Year Round

1. Fiddle Leaf Fig – My First Plant

Yes, it’s true- my first “real” plant was a fiddle leaf fig tree! I say real because before this I had occasionally gotten some tiny plants from the grocery store that I let sit and eventually die on my kitchen counter.. not a great look. I bought my fiddle leaf from the local nursery and opted to pay a little more for one that was already well-established. (You can buy a baby one for less money but it may require more attention at first.) I’ve had this same plant for almost 5 years through all seasons and it is still thriving!

I keep my fiddle leaf in our living room in front of a large window, and water it about once a week, or whenever the leaves start to droop and the soil feels dry. They do best with bright but indirect sunlight so if your plant starts to get yellow leaves that means it is getting too much sun and you should move it! There have been times I forgot to water it for 2 weeks or so and it survived so it’s very forgiving! It can also do fine with less watering in the winter since it slows its growth.

2. Snake Plant – Great For The Bedroom

Before you get excited, let me explain. Snake plants are a great option for your bedroom because they do okay with low-to-moderate light and they can really help improve the quality of your air! Unlike most plants, the snake plant gives off oxygen at night which is great for you to breathe in while you sleep. They are also really easy to care for and can go a few weeks before watering.

When watering, let the soil dry out completely in between waterings, and be careful not to over-water because that’s the quickest way to kill a snake plant! I keep mine on my nightstand and it does great there. If you want a larger one, it also looks great on a cute plant stand in the corner of the room.

snake plant


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3. Money Tree – When You Want To Make A Statement

This is a great long-term plant to have because it grows fast and tall! If you really want to make a statement with a houseplant then this is a great one to try. While it can be a bit pickier when it comes to light (too little and it will stunt its growth, too much and the leaves will burn), as long as you keep an eye on it and adjust accordingly, it should be fine.

I like to keep my money tree in our family room since it needs a little more room and a good-sized window. When it comes to water, it’s another one that’s pretty forgiving. I only water it every other week. This plant may not be a great choice if you have a small apartment or don’t want to worry about it growing too tall. However, you can control how tall it gets by trimming it back when needed.

4. Succulents – Cheap and Cute

Succulents are still all the rage and for good reason! They are so dang cute and come in a million different varieties. You can find them at just about any home store these days and they are pretty inexpensive. Succulents are great for beginners because they require very little watering and can handle dry climates. I have smaller ones on shelves to add some visual interest and a larger aloe vera on my kitchen counter.

Speaking of Aloe Vera, many people forget that this is also a succulent and not just a bottled gel you put on your skin when you get sunburned! Aloe veras are great to have around the house because not only do they look good, they help purify the air which is part of why I like it in my kitchen. And yes, you really can cut off a piece and use the inner gel on your skin to treat burns- another great reason to keep one in the kitchen! Aloe Vera prefers bright, indirect light and infrequent watering (a small amount of water once a week is fine.)

Top Plants to Keep in Your House Year Round

5. Rubber Plant –  My Entryway Favorite

A rubber plant is a great option if you’re looking for something a little different and unique. It has beautiful, dark leaves that can really make a statement in your home. They do best in moderate or bright light but can also survive in low light. Just keep in mind that if you keep it in a dark room, it may not grow as tall.

When it comes to watering, I like to keep my rubber plant on the drier side and water it every other week or so. If you notice the leaves start to droop then that means it’s time for watering. I love having this one in my entryway on a plant stand. It’s a great way to make a first impression when guests come over!

6. Spider Plant – Not As Scary As It Sounds

It’s a common misconception that spider plants attract or “house” spiders. I can positively tell you they don’t! They get their name from the way their long, slender leaves grow off of the main plant and because they can produce little “babies” or offshoots that look like tiny white spiders.

Spider plants are one of the easiest houseplants to care for and honestly one of the best plants for beginners! They are also a great choice to have in your bathroom. I have a spider plant in my bathroom that gets a good amount of light from the window and I just water it whenever the soil isn’t moist. Spider plants are one of the toughest plants when it comes to light conditions so if you have a darker room in your home (like in the basement) that needs some plant magic, this is a great option!

7. String of Pearls – Hanging In Style

If you’ve been waiting for a hanging plant to be talked about, here it is! String of pearls is a beautiful, trailing plant that looks great in hanging baskets. It has long, thin leaves that are strung together (hence the name!) and can really add some interest to a room. These plants do best in bright light but can also survive in moderate or low light. Just keep in mind they may not trail as long if they don’t get enough light.

This string of pearls plant likes to be on the drier side so I would suggest watering them once every couple of weeks or so. One note of caution is they like mild temperatures so don’t place them too close to your AC or heater or near a drafty or hot window.

string of pearls plant

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8. ZZ Plant – Don’t Sleep On This One

This is my second favorite plant (after the fiddle leaf fig) because the leaves are just so pretty and green! The ZZ plant (actual name is Zamioculcas Zamiifolia) is a great plant for both beginners and those who travel frequently because it is very tolerant to neglect. It can go long periods of time without water and can also survive in low-light conditions.

I have one of these plants in my bedroom and at the end of my hallway because it can handle low light. This one is an especially good choice if you want to keep your house looking fresh while putting in the minimal effort for it!

9. Ponytail Palm – For That Tropical Flair

Fun fact, this plant is actually not part of the palm tree family but it does look like a miniature palm tree! This is another succulent plant that can go long periods of time without water which makes it great for those who forget to water their plants or for people who travel often. You will need some patience though because it is a very slow-growing plant. You should put this plant in the sunniest place in your home (but not in direct light.) Water it when the soil is dry after putting a finger in and you’ll be good to go!


And that wraps up this list of the top plants to keep in your house year-round! These are all great options that can survive in a variety of conditions and don’t require too much effort to keep alive. So if you’re looking for a plant that will liven up your space and won’t die the moment you turn your back, try any of these! Thanks for reading and happy growing!

Top Plants to Keep in Your House Year Round

Related Questions

Which houseplants should I avoid if I have pets?

There are a number of houseplants that can be toxic to pets if they ingest them. Some of the plants on this list, like aloe vera, string of pearls, and snake plants are actually poisonous to animals so it’s best to keep them out of reach.

Which houseplants are the least expensive?

There are several houseplants that are very inexpensive, especially if you get them from a nursery or a local farmer’s market. Some of the plants on this list, like ponytail palm and ZZ plant, can be found for under $10.

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